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At MOTIV, we are fueled by a passion for purposeful growth, meaningful change, and limitless success. When you partner with us, you do not get stock answers or cookie-cutter formulas. We are a business strategy and capacity building consultancy committed to offering creative solutions, tailored to your vision for the future.


Running a business is no easy feat. We understand how difficult it can be to understand what is working, and most importantly, what is not. We specialize in assisting organizations and entrepreneurs to identify a path that works and guide you on that journey.


Whether you are looking for the right talent for your organization, executive coaching services, additional capacity, or next-level project execution, our talented team is equipped to deliver.




Growing your business is all about expanding your capacity, enabling you to fulfil your clients’ needs or deliver the best product to your customers. If you need help finding the right talent but don’t have an internal recruitment team, MOTIV can help you excel.


Inefficient operations can slow everything down, minimizing your profits and your potential. With MOTIV as your strategic business consultant, you can improve your processes, manage programs with purpose, and develop leadership for sustainable growth.


Growth does not have to come with expensive overheads or risky investments. With help from our talented consulting team, you can build a strategy designed to deliver a bright and profitable future.



As a senior leader or business owner, discovering the best path for growth can be difficult. The market is saturated with advice and it is impossible to know which direction to choose. Our executive coaching services can help clear the fog, empowering you to think bigger and make more innovative decisions for the future.



"As my Campaign Manager  and Chief of Staff for the City of Atlanta, Marva was a fearless leader willing to make difficult decisions. She’s very intuitive and trustworthy, and inspires people to perform to their highest potential."

— Kiesha Lance Bottoms

Former Mayor of Atlanta


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Prior to founding MOTIV, Marva Lewis guided global transformation strategy, change management and programs across 18 countries and 7,000+ employees.


She has led complex operations including: human capital strategy, government operations, and community affairs at large organizations as the Head of Human Resources, Cousins Properties; Global HR Initiatives Leader, Equifax, Inc.; and as Campaign Manager and Chief of Staff for Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.


Her strategic ability to solve complex challenges combine with a servant leader’s mindset to deliver high ROI results in both the public and private spheres.


Marva received her Master of Science in Administration, Human Resources from Central Michigan University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Francis Marion University. She is a graduate of the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Development Program.



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